About ME Australia

ME Australia focuses on Australian activities and research to inform people of developments involving Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Established in 2016, ME Australia aims to improve the lives of people with ME by advocating for change, in partnership with scientists, other individuals, organisations in Australia and internationally.

ME Australia is a collaborative network of people across all states and Canberra, including people with ME, families and others with a close connection to someone with ME.

ME Australia acknowledges the First Nations people of Australia as the traditional owners and pays tribute to Elders past and present.

Write to us at m.e.australia(at)outlook.com

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  1. CFS/ME fix(cure) may .easy and instantly. 1. Detect the pathogenic source 2. Remove the pathogenic source 3. Reboot the body control systems.An important cause of CFS / ME is the electromagnetic waves emitted from underground rivers. Probably, in Australia, there is a lot of water veins EMR . Pictures of CFS / ME patients show the location or number of water veins EMR. Usually there are more than 7-8 of them flowing from head to leg, and more than 10 of them flowing across the body. In my case, I can tell who is the patient and who is the CFS / ME with pictures of healthy people and patients. At the same time, treatment is possible. You can find out who is the patient and what is the cause of the pathogenesis by sending a mixture of pictures of the public and the patient. It is super power to be able to diagnose CFS / ME patients who can’t diagnose easily by looking at photos. Like the ability to distinguish between them, treatment is possible. If the patient or family member sees you, please send me a picture of the patient and i can give you some advice.
    I am a Ph.D. with over 50 years of experience in biology and a university professor (in Korea) and now live in the United States.

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