Adelaide Oval lights up in blue for ME Awareness Week


By Jac Creedon

Since 2015, Adelaide Oval in South Australia has been lit up in blue in recognition of ME Awareness. This year, it will be illuminated on Thursday May 9. It has been organised every year by Jac Creedon, who has had ME for 28 years. Jac lives in Adelaide, along with her Jack Russell, Poppy.

Adelaide Oval is lighting up in blue for ME Awareness for its fifth year this year. I asked them after seeing them light up for other awareness events, and thought why not ask, what’s the worst they can do? Say no?! To be honest, it’s not created a terribly big ripple of awareness here in Adelaide, but having such a well-known venue come on board helped get other venues around Australia on board from what I’ve heard.

M.E. folks around the world have been pleased to see such a famous location taking part from the feedback I’ve heard. It certainly makes me feel like I’m doing my little bit for the worldwide awareness, yes!

It’s meaningful because M.E. is so hidden, misrepresented in media, misunderstood, and bringing some positive attention feels like I’m actually doing something. In my case, I was diagnosed in May 1992, but I’d been sick for over a year prior to diagnosis.

Jac writes at A Life with ME and you can follow her on twitter at @Jac15_9

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