Current science

Key research findings - Australia

Australians scientists are doing world leading research and they are poised to expand their biomedical research to improve diagnosis and, over time, treatment. 

Australian scientists have made discoveries with the aid of small amounts of funding from patient donations and charitable foundations. They have combined with international discoveries to demonstrate clearly the biomedical nature of the disease. 

Australian researchers have discovered:

  • A specific mitochondrial defect and compensatory increases in mitochondrial proteins, cellular stress signalling pathways and energy metabolism in cultured ME cells.
  • Calcium channel ion defects.
  • Altered metabolite profiles in the serum of ME patient consistent with a shift in energy metabolism.
  • Altered gut/stool microbiomes in ME patients.
  • Genetic markers (SNPs) in genes involved in energy metabolism and mitochondrial function that are associated with ME.
  • A simple, semi-objective clinical test (the Weighted Standing Test) to assess the severity of disease.