Australia hosts research symposium on ME and chronic fatigue syndrome


by Sasha Nimmo

Emerge Australia is hosting an international research symposium on the biological basis, diagnosis, treatment and managment of Myalgic Encephalomylitis and chronic fatigue syndrome in Geelong (near Melbourne), Australia. Parts of the symposium will be live-streamed here.

On Wednesday 13 March, Griffith University’s Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik and Professor Donald Staines will chair a session on Mitochondrial function and signalling. Professor Paul Fisher, head of Microbiology at La Trobe, will chair a session on immunology. Dr Paul Gooley will chair the neuroimaging session.

On Thursday, Dr Alice Richardson chairs Research Innovation, Big Data, Bioinformatics. This includes one hour from the Open Medicine Foundation’s Dr Ron Davis, followed by a session on Metabolomics and Transcriptomics chaired by Dr Neil McGregor and featuring a presentation from Dr Chris Armstrong.

Dr Elisha Josev will chair Biobanking & Clinical Data, including a  presentation from Professor Brett Lidbury on the potential Activin B biomarker. In the afternoon Dr Cara Tomas will chair the genomics and proteomics session followed by ‘ME/CFS Methodology, Computer Interaction & Collaboration’ chaired by Dr Ashish Sethi. In the evening there is a dinner and awards ceremony.

On Friday, doctors will speak about their clinical experience and patients, including Anna Kerr, will share their knowledge.

Here is the full agenda.  You can follow proceedings at the live-streamed sessions.

The research symposium is funded by a $150,000 grant from the Department of Health, announced last year.

Meet the Scientists

Read the interviews with Australian scientists who’ll be at the conference:

Dr Chris Armstrong

Prof Brett Lidbury

Dr Neil McGregor

Prof Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik

Dr Alice Richardson

Prof Donald Staines

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