Funding for biomedical research

Australians scientists are doing world leading research and they are poised to expand their biomedical research to improve diagnosis and, over time, treatment. We are seeking a $15 million commitment from Government to bring forward this promising science.This funding will help transform the diagnosis, management and treatment of ME.

An investment of $15 million in biomedical research will see rapid progress with:

  1. The development of a new diagnostic protocol for ME combining data from clinical examination, urine and blood pathology, and cell culture.
  2. Understanding the molecular pathophysiology of ME and thus potentially reveal treatment options.
  3. Validating previous discoveries through the study of much larger cohorts.
  4. Mechanistic molecular studies to understand cause-effect relationships in the disease. 
  5. The discovery and development of new treatments, based on understanding the disease mechanisms. 

Investing in this research sends a powerful message to patients and their families that they matter, the Government is looking to help and it would provide them with hope.