Disability organisations ask for feedback on UN convention

Disabled People’s Organisations Australia is consulting with people with disabilities via a survey seeking feedback. The survey is open until May 31, 2019.

Disabled People’s Organisations Australia (DPOA) is an alliance of bodies including People With Disability AustraliaNational Ethnic Disability AllianceFirst Peoples Disability Network and Women With Disabilities Australia.

DPOA says this survey is an opportunity for people with disability to give feedback about your rights. The survey asks questions about different areas of your life. You can choose to fill in the whole survey (15 sections), or you can pick the sections that are important to you. You can fill in as many questions as you want.

The answers will help DPOA report to the United Nations Committee about how well the Australian Government is implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The survey gives you the opportunity to raise issues that prevent your participation in work and social life, for example multiple chemical sensitivity and wheelchair accessibility.

In addition to the organisations listed above, there are also local disability organisations. If you aren’t a member, you may want to think about joining them.

Here is the survey.

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