Tune into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome conferences


By Sasha Nimmo

This year there are conferences on Myalgic Encephalomylitis and chronic fatigue syndrome being held in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK and the USA. 

The USA’s Open Medicine Foundation and the Canadian conferences will be live-streamed, in part or in full, while the Invest in ME conference will be available on DVD. Following the conference on twitter can be easier than watching or listening, so these details are included where available.

First Canadian Collaborative Team Conference – Advancing an International Research Agenda to Address ME/CFS Research Priorities: From Basic Reserach to Clinical Practice

Where: Montreal, Canada, and online

When: 3-5 May 2018

The aims of the conference is to provide physicians, clinicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals with a platform to discuss advances and innovations in the study of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Secondly, develop, with the help of an international coalition of ME experts, a sustainable ME/CFS research agenda. It is good to see that physicans receive Continuing Professional Development credits for attending.

Speakers include Prof Ron Davis, Dr Byron Hyde, Dr Nancy Klimas, Prof Maureen Hanson, Dr Lucinda Bateman, Chris Armstrong and other experts. Read the media release.

Full program is here.  These selected sessions will be live streamed in English:

  • Opening remarks and Plenary Lectures 1 & 2
  • Session 1B – What we now and still don’t know about ME/CFS etiology ans pathomecanism
  • Session 2B – Advancing ME/CFS Research and Treatment
  • Session 3B – Groupe de discussion : Meet the experts
  • Session 4B – Groupe de discussion: Creating a transformative research agenda for ME/CFS
  • Session 4A Partie 2 – Biomarkers, Biobanking, and Clinical Trials

The twitter account for  is @mecfsconf_mtl and the conference hashtag is #MECFSConf18

Invest in ME Research International ME Conference, Colloquium and ‘Thinking the Future’ event for young researchers (three events)

Where: London, UK

When: ‘Thinking the Future’ event for young researchers on 29 May 2018

When: Bioresearch into ME Research Colloquium (research meetings) on 30-31 May 2018

The USA’s National Institute of Health (NIH) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) will be giving a status update and sharing future plans at the Colloquium. Australians Prof Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Prof Don Staines and Chris Armstrong will be speaking, as well as respected researchers from Sweden, Norway, the UK and USA.

When: Conference on 1 June 2018

The conference is in it’s 13th year and represents the world’s most current knowledge base on ME and CFS. The conference agenda, which is still being finalised, already features Dr Avindra Nath presenting on the USA’s National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Intramural Research Programme; Dr Oystein Fluge speaking on ‘Experiences from Rituximab Trial’ and Dr Ingrid R. Rekeland on ‘Experiences from Cyclo Trial’.

The Colloquium and parts of the conferences involve discussion of unpublished data, so the event isn’t streamed live.

Invest in ME’s website has reports and DVDs from the previous 12 conferences.

Twitter account is @Invest_in_ME. The Colloquium hashtag is #BRMEC8 and the Conference hashtag is #IIMEC13.

Open Medicine Foundation:Second Annual Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS

Where: Stanford University, USA and online

When: 29 September 2018

This is the second symposium and a livestream of the symposium will available. The agenda is not online yet but videos of last year’s event are available.

Twitter account is @OpenMedF.

Exhaustion even on cellular level. Cardinal symptoms, biomarkers and possible treatment

When: 18-19 October 2018

Where: Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden

Invest in ME Research’s Swedish colleagues RME, who are part of the European ME Alliance will hold conferences in Sweden in October.

RME’s twitter account is  and the the European ME Alliance’s is .

National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases: CFS/ME International Conference for 2018

Where: Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

When: 25-26 November 2018

Griffith University says it’s research, innovation and discovery focused conference is uniting industry researchers and academics to advance research in the field of CFS/ME and the conference will showcase the research achievements of the National Centre for Neuroimmunology & Emerging Diseases, developments in diagnostic tests, discoveries in treatment and provide a forum for international research leadership.

Event information is here. There’s no plans for any of the sessions to be streamed or recorded.

The twitter account is @Griffith_Health tweets about NCNED.

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  1. Well lets hope what ever they do that they once and finally stop linking ME/CFS and/or CFS/ME together as the same illness, it does not nor has ever existed! One has either, ICD-10- CFS-F48.0 or M.E. G93.3. (a chest infection is not the same as lung cancer!).

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